Thursday, October 31, 2002

There were a couple of interesting programs on the telly last night. Human Instinct on BBC (presented by Dr. Robert Winston - the man with the biggest soup strainer in England) was all about sex and very interesting it was too. It didn't feature too many tips about on how to score with the ladies (apart from revealing that thirtysomething women from LA correlate a mans attractiveness with the amount of cash he flashes), but I did learn that human testicles are the size they are - smaller than a Chimp's but larger than a Gorilla's - precisely because human females are inclined to cheat on their partners every once in a while (particularly during ovulation). You don't learn stuff like that every day.

Also on the beeb last night, was Patricia Cornwell's fairly unconvincing attempt to convince us that the real identity of Jack the Ripper is the British painter Walter Sickert. I must say, I am impressed with Sickert's work. One can hardly deny that it is very morbid but just because some of the guy's paintings were inspired by the Ripper's and others' murders, plus the fact that he lived in London at the time, hardly makes him the no.1 suspect.

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