Wednesday, October 30, 2002

The stories that may be forever untold. So many family histories have been forgotten in the mists of time; lives remembered solely by at the entries from that census. But for some lucky ones, thanks to the work of local historians and amateur genealogists, enough information exists to allow us to piece together the part they played in the great adventure that was the building of the United States of America. This record pertains to the household of a particular James Twigg who happens to be the son of Timothy Twigg, an Irish emigrant. This same Timothy Twigg married a woman named Catherine Mason in 1803 and subsequently fought with Andrew Jackson in the War of 1812. Catherine Mason was a daughter of Issac Mason and Parthena Hall - whose family is the subject of this genealogical study originally published in 1886. From this we learn that Issac Mason fought in the colonial army under General George Washington and was present at the surrender of the British at Yorktown in 1781. After being discharged from the army, he embarked on a perilous journey taking his family and all his posessions down the Ohio river to the settlement of French Lick, Tennessee - a fort which after the efforts of settlers like Mason and the generations that followed, eventually became the city of Nashville.

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