Monday, October 21, 2002

In one of those cooincidences that happen all the time in a small country like Ireland, it appears that the Leptard and I used to live in the same house in Lower Salthill at different times during the early 90s. The ground floor flat that myself and three other students occupied has the distinction of being the most decrepit, flea-ridden firetrap that I ever had the misfortune of living in. But with rent that was about five quid (i.e. three pints) a week less than anywhere else, coupled with fact that the landlady was unlikely to sanction us for making a mess of the place given the condition we found it in, it seemed like ideal student accomodation. Plus, as any good auctioneer would tell you, ultimately it's all about location, location, location and this place was perfect as it was right across the road from two of the best pubs in Galway - PJ Flahertys and The Cottage. Okay, there was no back door and the kitchen windows were suspiciously barred up, but after a few terms living in various matchbox sized two roomed flats I wasn't prepared to complain too much. The layout was quite odd as well - the bathroom door opened directly into the kitchen-living area - as did one of the bedroom doors. And in that bedroom there was a window that looked directly into...the bathroom. Signs of architectural design or for that matter, any planning whatsoever, were conspiciously absent. And the bedrooms were so mouldy sometimes I think that I still get the taste of the place every time I cough.

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