Tuesday, October 01, 2002

I'm currently listening to the new Ryan Adams and Aimee Mann albums which I took delivery of yesterday (courtesy of cdwow.ie which saved me €10). First impressions:- The Ryan Adams album is weak; only a couple of the 13 tracks would have been good enough to make it onto his 'proper' albums. Fair enough, it's an album of demos, but for a guy that was originally threatening to release a box set of three albums this year it is pretty lightweight on quality songs. In contrast, the Aimee Mann album, 'Lost in Space', is great and easily stands up to the quality of her previous work. I don't think theres a weak track on it. No doubt my opinions on these records will change - often stuff that sounds good straight out of the box can become boring very quickly, and likewise, many songs which are dull and flat on first listen can subsequently reveal hidden depths.

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