Wednesday, July 17, 2002

No surprise; the Lambchop gig was excellent. They played for over two hours, the set mostly consisting of stuff from the new album. As expected it wasn't the full band - only 7 of them but the songs on the latest record can sound pretty stripped down so it didn't appear to matter much. Tony Crow's work on the grand piano deserves particular praise. And the acoustics in the venue served the band's sound wonderfully - I don't think I have ever been at a gig with such a huge dynamic range - moving from phases of soft guitar strokings and almost silent keyboard explorations where even the nervous creak of a pew 20 rows back could be heard, to huge rthymic swathes of guitar (of which there were four), distort effects and piano. And back again in the space between verse and chorus. Highlights included the opening two songs "The Daily Growl" and "The New cobweb Summer", the former taking shape from Tony Crow's exuisite piano prelude as the band padded onto stage; the latter demonstrating the glorious sonic expanse which the band are capable of. Others included the searing "The Butcher Boy", the almost unrecognisable "You Masculine You", the scary rendition of "Caterpillar" and the manic encore of the Sisters of Mercy "This Corrosion". Here's the setlist (not in the exact order):-

- The Daily Growl
- The New Cobweb Summer
- ??mid tempo number I didn't recognise
- My blue Wave
- The Gusher
- Flick
- Your life as a sequel
- The Butcher Boy
- You Maculine You
- Caterpillar
- D Scott Parsley
- The Butcher Boy
- Garth
- Up With People
- Bugs
- Is a Woman
- Autums Vicar
- The Puppy and the Leaf
- This Corrosion

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