Tuesday, July 30, 2002

I took delivery on Friday of a couple of albums I ordered from Amazon.com, neither of which I could find in the shops here - Mary Lou Lord's "Live Ctiy Sounds" and Brute's new one "Co-Balt". The former is excellent - I had been meaning for sometime to augment the few MP3s I have of her music with some of her CDs. This one is a recording of her busking live on the streets of Boston; and is basically a set of cover versions of some of the finest songs ever written...Big Star's 'Thirteen', Daniel Johnstons 'Speeding Motorcycle', The Magnetic Fields 'I don't want to get over you', and Richard Thompsons 'Beeswing' amongst other gems by Dylan, Springsteen and MacGowan. It should satisfy my craving for sincere acoustica for another few weeks anyway.

Unfortunately my craving for new works of genius by Vic Chesnutt is still unsatisfied after listening to his latest colaboration with Deadhead jam-band 'Widespread Panic'. Co-Balt has several good songs but the overall production and sound is just so bloody AOR. Of course, Vic's lyrics are predictably wonderful....witness the lyric to the song 'All Kinds' : I can't think of any other song that uses the word 'Pixels' let alone one that describes the condition of a internet porn junkie (a pedophile even?) so efficiently:-

His sad little obsession is a digital impression
Of a darling little girl that he adores
What really toots his whistle is a certain set of pixels
Of a darling little girl that he adores

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