Thursday, July 25, 2002

Irish wacko conspiracy theory alert...The Satanic Game Plan: details and evidence of a worldwide Satanic conspiracy involving all the usual suspects - the government, CIA, Nazis, Born Again Christians etc..and responsible for most cases of missing persons in Ireland over the last few years...even the ISPCC is implicated:-
"The Satanic Network infiltrate every organisation ; the press, the Churches, the health Depts, (child welfare), the police , judiciary etc. Is it not curious that the Irish Justice Dept has control over Child Welfare in Ireland? This is a state body which is responsible for many incredible deliberations , including who to prosecute and who not to! ( consider the Mark Nash case , who admitted to the "Cannibal Murders" at GrangeGorman, Dublin,and was never prosecuted) Note the choice of telephone numbers for the Irish Childline Helpline.1800 666 666. The Satanic Network has been long established in the gentry, in the professions and the upper classes in Irish and British society."

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