Thursday, April 18, 2002

Just bought the new album by Badly Drawn Boy - the soundtrack to 'About a Boy'. I'm currently in the middle of my first listen- track 6 to be exact...and it sounds great. Although that may not be a good thing - I tend to get bored with an album quickly if its immediately accessible. So be it. Next thing is to read the book before the film arrives. (I never read novels if I've seen the movie first). Can't start it until I finish 'The Tipping Point' though. Jeez I feel under pressure.

Actually - I went into town with the intention of buying Wilco's new album but I guess I'm a little premature - it'll probably be another week or so before it hits the shops. I listened to it already when they steamed it over the web last year so I know how good it is.

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