Friday, April 19, 2002

An episode of the A-Team I've just created:-

My A-Team Episode Synopsis
The doctor's lampshade
by Kieran

On tonight's A-Team, Mr. T has an old friend who's a doctor. But his friend has a big problem. A rival doctor is trying to drive the friend out of business. The rival has already buggered his friend's uncle, and tried to steal a lampshade.
The rest of the team arrives to help. Murdock, is tremendously attracted to the pretty girl who works with the doctor, but she prefers Face. To further complicate matters the team is being chased by the President of Argentina.

The A-Team has a fight with the men of the rival doctor. Face says, ''Take that boyo..''. Mr. T throws two guys through a window. Murdock gets a black eye and Face doesn't even break a sweat.

But the A-Team is captured when the rival's boss, Henry Horse, shows up with twelve guys carrying uzis. The A-Team is locked in a toll booth. Murdock says, ''Aw shit...what are we gonna do now?''. Hannibal comes up with a plan. They build an armored tugboat out of crankshafts and odds 'n ends.

The A-Team escapes and goes into Henry Horse's territory, guns a-blazing. ''All I wanted was build a canal of gold, and that lampshade was the key.'' complains Henry Horse, as the A-Team leaves him tied up for the President of Argentina.

''Fuck that for a game of soldiers.'' says Mr. T.

Now go create your own episode of the A-Team!

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