Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Easter for some reason is my least favorite holiday of the year. Maybe its got something to do with the 'dry' friday ...which of course is not just one day out the year. It's the friday of a long weekend and therefore one of the top ten fridays of the year - and hence potentially one of the top twenty top 'drinking' days of the year. And of course there's a lot of religion around too - something which tends to aggravate my repressed catholic guilt...

Well its over now - and I'm glad to say I survived it. Which is more than can be said for Liz Bowes aka the Queen Mother R.I.P. Now I'm no royalist, (let alone a Loyalist) but considering that our country did not leave the commonwealth until 1949, it should be remembered that she was the wife of the last King who had dominion over Ireland. Is this important?..probably not - but the fact that this goes unrecogised in our national media does in a small way reflect the historical revisionism that the political establishment in Ireland has sought to perpetuate. And it is ironic that the weekend of her death coincides with the anniversary of the primary event subject to and central to this revisionism.

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