Tuesday, April 30, 2002

I have experienced at first hand the peddling of falsehoods and blatant impersonation that candidates will stoop to in order to garner votes. Yesterday evening while watching Coronation St. (Dev telling the truth?? What's that about?) I heard the now regular clatter of the letter box as it received the daily dose of election related pamphlets. I looked out the window and noticed two persons walking out of the driveway. Upon examination I discovered that the pamphlets were from Fianna Fail and included a little card that read something like 'Sorry I missed you when I called. Please consider me for your No.1 preference. Signed Margaret Cox'. This is a lie - I was obviously in the house at the time. Additionally this may well be impersonation as I'm pretty sure that neither of the people I witnessed was Mrs. Cox. Of course maybe she called earlier and subsequently sent her party apparatchiks to tie up the loose ends as it where. At any rate she's not getting my vote. ... not that I have one in that constituency anyway.

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