Friday, May 30, 2003

Seals at Tawin Bay by Jack B. Yeats. I visited Tawin island for the first time a few days ago while driving the backroads outside Oranmore. It's an interesting and charming place of which I was not previously aware. I expect there is some history to the island. This link - concerning the life of Eamon DeValera - makes reference to Dev spending some time at a "Tawin Gaelic College, of the Galway shore". Where is that now? Perhaps it was located at the old national school at the very end of the island or perhaps it somewhere else entirely?

In other news - it's a long weekend here this weekend and I'm off to Dubland to see the Boss do his thing. But I'll try and remember - there's more to life than cars and girls.

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Anonymous said...

The summer school was knocked down on the 30's as the farmers couldn't agree who owned it. It had been a prominent community building in the locality and had the benefit of a sprung floor for dancing. I was told people came from as far away as Gort for ceilidhes. The remnsnts of the bulding were finally knocked about 5 years ago ( despite my protestions to Galway County Council ) to build a house. It was about 50 mts before the boreen by the prominent 2 storied yeallow house on Tawin.