Tuesday, May 13, 2003

If like me, you have an interest in local history, you will find this collection of extracts from old Irish newspapers absolutely fascinating. It seems that not a lot has changed in Limerick in 180 years judging by the following story from 1823 :-
LIMERICK, Feb. 5-On Sunday night, a farm house on the lands of Brianstown,
in the North Liberties of this City, was visited by a large party of
ruffians who entered the house, and after removing the care-taker, his wife,
and such furniture as belonged to him, deliberately set the house on fire,
which was shortly consumed. Mr. RUSSELL had lately set the farm to a man
from the neighbourhood of Park, who had not yet taken the possession of it.
Immediately after the fire, a party of Captain DROUGHT's very efficient
Police proceeded to the spot, where they made prisoners of some suspicious
person found straggling on the road.

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