Thursday, May 15, 2003

Last Saturday, I purchased the new records by Vic Chesnutt and Arab Strap and also a a double cd compilation of music by the late great Ted Hawkins. The Vic Chesnutt album 'Siver Lake' is a grower - pleasant enough but first listens only reveal a couple of songs that can stand in the company of his best work. Still, one real gem per album is all I ever expect from him (and all I need, for the best Vic songs are worth twenty of a lesser artist's). Regarding the brilliantly titled Arab Strap album, 'Monday at the Hug and Pint' , it's interesting but also requires a few more listens. Not as mellow as 'Elephant Shoe' (an album I keep coming back to) but probably all the better for it. The Pitchfork reviewer enthused over it a few days ago. And finally, as far as Ted Hawkins' music goes - all I can say is he was the genuine article and "Watch your Step" is the best song that never made it to No.1 on the back of a TV ad.

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