Monday, June 24, 2002

Dingbat TD Ned O'Keefe wants to rollback the extension in Irish pub drinking hours that came into effect last year. In fact, deputy O'Keefe proposes that the restriction on selling drink after 11:30 and a closing time of 12:00 be applied to nightclubs also. He blames the extension in opening hours for the increase in crime and disorder in Irish society. In case you have forgotten, Mr. O'Keefe is the man who once claimed that the movie 'Babe' posed a serious threat to the pigmeat business in Ireland. Ned who owns a pig farm himself, resigned from a ministerial position in the last Government over his failure to declare a conflict of interest; one suspects if his business interests included owning a pub or club then his position would be very different. Methinks the fellow is neither to be trusted nor taken seriously.

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