Thursday, May 09, 2002

Just a stray thought on the anti-globalisation movement. If Dev was alive today would he be part of it? His economic policies where those of self-sufficiency and economic protectionism and he had a vision of Ireland which he famously described thus:-

"The Ireland which we would desire of would be the home of a people who valued material wealth only as the basis of a right living, of a people who were satisfied with frugal comfort and devoted their leisure to the things of the soul; a land whose countryside would be bright with cosy homesteads, whose fields and valleys would be joyous with the sounds of industry, with the romping of sturdy children, the contests of athletic youth, the laughter of happy maidens; whose firesides would be forums for the wisdom of old age."

No automobiles, no foreign industries ....add the face painting and the neo-electro street beats and we have the quintessential eco-socialist utopia.

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