Tuesday, August 20, 2002

M. Night Shyamalan's crop circle hokum movie 'Signs' is still riding high at the US box office. Meanwhile the small village of Clonegal in Co. Carlow is experiencing it's own version of the phenomenon with mysterious circles appearing on a nearby GAA pitch. Perhaps it is indeed the result of alien or paranormal activity. After all, Clonegal Castle is the home of the 'Fellowship of Isis' - a Druidic/Wicca society with a sophisticated organisation and liturgy founded in 1976 to foster greater communion with the Egyptian goddess of fertility and motherhood. (and which tickles the paranoid impulses of some local folk). Interestingly, UFO/crop circle 'expert' Steve Canada has written a book about the connection between Isis and crop circles. Then again, maybe the Clonegal rings have an entirely natural explanation.

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