Thursday, November 04, 2004

In common with Brendan, I got the new Bob Dylan memoir late last week. It's a superb read indeed; surprising in the amount of detail he recounts - I suspect Dylan must have been an avid journal keeper all his life. He possess a very acute visual/verbal sense - which is also reflected in the lyrics of his best songs - his use of words, reconditioned cliches in many cases - to describe scenes and visions outside of any clear narrative.

The book is far better that I had expected. The chapter on 'Oh Mercy' alone is worth the cover price; his account of his search for new inspiration, the way he works to reveal the source of power within the songs, the realities of the recording process, the enthusiasm and reverence and taste he shows for music - it's a superb insight into the creative workings of a great artist. Plus, he comes across as an eminently likeable and sensitive individual. Who would have thought it?

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