Wednesday, June 04, 2003

As expected the Springsteen gig was great, in spite of it being the first gig I have ever been at that not only started on time but started five minutes early! I missed the first few songs on account of me being across the road outside Paddy Cullens enjoying a pint - fully expecting it not to start until 8:00.

More seriously though, and luckily for the organisers that nobody was injured, for the RDS was filled far beyond what I had ever experienced before for an open-air gig - normally there is plenty room at the back of the concert space - in this case, however the organisers had literally filled the place to capacity allowing each punter what seemed like 2 sq. ft of standing room. It was a very dangerous situation at times, especially with the crush as people rushed to get into the gig after it had started early - and of course, there wasn't a steward to be seen.

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