Monday, January 06, 2003

I'm back and it's now 2003. Not a bad bit of a break for the holidays - some good relaxed afternoon drinking and a few busy and bumpy evening drinkings, Christmas day and the usual claustaphobia. I made sure not to watch any tv this year. Read a book about Richard I and one by William Goldman the screenwriter. Met up with old friends. Comforted my best friend who was dumped by a lousy bastard on Christmas day. Tore the arse out of New Years Eve - my roommate threatened to sleep in the car I was so scary after too many whiskeys - jeez it was only snoring (and some sleepwalking). Everybody is happy now. I think I've lost my touch with women...maybe I'll find a girlfriend I can tolerate for more than a few months. Debauchery isn't what it used to be. Remember how wonderful we all are. Oh, and this blog is not about me. So I'll stop here.

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