Monday, November 04, 2002

The Blair Witch Project scuppered my plans for the weekend. Not directly of course. You see they thought the wee girl was suffering a brain hemorrhage (indeed they had good reason to, as this was the Doctor's diagnosis) but after a traumatic high speed ambulance journey from Mayo to Galway it transpired that the dizziness and seizures and screaming were a manifestation of a psychological rather than a physical ailment - it was still scary though, three doctors had to hold her down such was the violence of her convulsions. It appeared for all the world like a case of demonic possession but in this secular and scientifically enlightened age a more rational explanation was required. One young doctor deduced from the utterings between screams that the child was recounting the story of the Blair Witch - her terror was that of one who was convinced the demon in that movie was about to kill her. And indeed upon further investigation it was confirmed that the child had spent the day watching videos with her older cousin including the aforementioned low budget cinematic phenomenon of 1999. The girl calmed down and was comforted and now seems perfectly okay (still under observation by child psychologists), but all involved conclude there must be something seriously wrong somewhere in her life that a movie (one that admittedly did scare the bejayus out of many adults let alone a eleven year old child) could produce such a physical reaction in her. Those who know her fear that her nightmare may be far from over yet. For me, I can only comfort the comforters - those who were there holding her hand while her mother was elsewhere. And who have suffered this trauma as if it was their own child in that ambulance.

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