Tuesday, September 10, 2002

For some time now, telecoms companies have been marketing phobile moans on the back of the flirting possiblities of text messaging. So how appropriate to see that a new service has opened in Dublin. It's a rejection hotline that allows one to spurn the attentions of an admirer without going through all the messy stressful stuff. According to the website it's "the cultural phenomenon that's sweeping the nation" so it's obviously been quite successful in the U.S. I'd be surprised if it's a big hit here though - from what I hear, Dublin girls aren't in the business of turning men down :). If you're interested, the number is (+353) (01) 2194862 and apparently it's sponsored by a local tele dating service 'Minidates.net'. And no I haven't tried it yet - I'm happy in my singledom recovering from the trauma of my last rejection.

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