Wednesday, February 06, 2002

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Company of Lu Ni wife goes going vacationing the rank of nobility as form of a address for an official or rich man Ferguson makes known his position face -- in new network
The wife forgives, graceful couplet has been shown, after Lu Ni is enduring disturbance one round, everything is entering the right path. Yesterday, it is 25 years old of birthday of Lu Ni, the costly birthday clique that he cancelled to had been arranged is right, carry wife family Lin Fei to go to enlighten do obeisance to go vacationing.
Originally, lu Ni plans to be in after graceful couplet match ended last night, a birthday party that costs 90 thousand pound is held in oneself villa, but finally, change for by a definite date 5 days enlighten do obeisance to swim, husband and wife two did not take a son even triumphant. Be in " the door that enrol prostitute " after incident happening, wife family forest the chance that still [url=]cheap nike shoes for kids[/url] gave Lu Ni reform, and graceful couplet also approbated Lu Ni go vacationing plan, let him be raised well, adjust state of mind.
Last night, graceful couplet 2 than 1 conquer Situoke city, acquire this sports season settle or live in a strange place field head is gotten the better of, ferguson is alluded repeatedly after contest, lu Ni turns meeting disturbance blame is in agent. "You must want the agent contact with with him, the player does not have a problem, but agent tangles very hard, " Ferguson repeated 2 times continuously " the player does not have a problem " , give sufficient Lu Ni face.
It is reported, graceful couplet to match Lu Ni " the great ambition that gain the championship " , in future the meeting in 8 months spends 80 million pound to be used at buying new player.

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Rally of Chinese male Lan Kunshan this cup head field is gotten the better of greatly search long-unseen morale
Sport netDispatchAccording to " Guangzhou daily " report, elder brother hill, in a beautiful and devious gymnasium, chinese male basket with 89 than 62 defeat Angola team, with hearten of a victory morale, although the match is hit not hardly, but team has really it seems that some carry gas.
The player is very good
It is probably inferior the relation that bright and beautiful contest suffers a defeat, strange cup of dimension of division of current Si Tan appears some cold and cheerless. The reporter that sign up is very much, but those who come is very few, the media registry office outside gymnasium of elder brother hill, thick fold reporter card greatly nobody are gotten. Sponsor just imprinted a lot of order book, still prepared to commemorate the T-shirt, one thick also pile big is put in place. This, chinese team need not play the game in magnifier eventually.
The Tianjin before inferior bright and beautiful contest broke a record probably, allegedly more than 400 reporters collect Tianjin, this is very infrequent on history of Chinese male basket. The contest of be in fashion for a period, nature also is controversy most, player on the sly laughed, also fall in magnifier, be relapsed instead answer ground takes deliberate.
Elder brother hill ought some more relaxed, but player people speak and act cautiously. Arrive the day before yesterday when elder brother hill, su Wei is calling, see when media takes [url=]nike for cheap[/url] a picture, shine at the same time, be called to sheer media. Nevertheless, everybody begins to restrain his very self-consciously in communal circumstance now.
Surpass the warm up before, also nobody is joking, designed without the person alsoBuckle basketPlease fan. Conscientiously the warm-up act according to the regulation, each is finished normatively.
This China male basket is an Ai Bing, and elder brother hill is the ground that they start afresh.
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